The Essentials

There are only two elements essential to a legally binding wedding – they are the vows that you make to one another and the proclamation by the celebrant that you are now legally married. Everything else is your choice – you will only be limited by your imagination and that of your celebrant!

The wedding ceremony usually lasts about 20 minutes and must include the Monitum (legal element from the Marriage Act which is spoken by your celebrant).

Your vows which you will repeat after the celebrant (no need to memorise them) are an important part of your ceremony.

Other things your ceremony may contain include:

Try to limit this to two and they will give your ceremony some balance and help create a mood. They may be read by a family member, close friend or even your celebrant.

Giving the Bride Away
This is optional and is usually done by both or one parent or a family member or a close friend.

The Asking
I will ask you if you take one another as husband and wife – you should answer “I do” or “I will”.

Exchanging the Rings
You may choose to have only one ring, for the bride, or one for each of you – it is entirely up to you.

Declaration and Kiss (the best part!)
Declaration of your marriage made by celebrant.
You may now wish to include something such as a Sand Unity Ceremony, Butterfly Release, Unity Candles, Communal Ring Blessing – any of these may be incorporated into your ceremony to give it colour and make it personalised